Training Centre

At Nation Maid Jurong, all our newly-recruited FDWs will undergo comprehensive training at our headquarters in Jurong East. It will be conducted by our full-time in-house trainers, who are administered by ACTA-certified trainers.

The ACTA-certified trainers devise personalized training programmes for our FDWs, in order to meet our customers’ requirements. These personalized training programs will be executed by our full-time in-house trainers.

Our training programmes include baby-sitting, care of children, elderly and disabled family members, housekeeping and basic cooking. In addition, selected FDWs also undergo an international quality training programme accredited by Pearson Education Limited.

Our customers are also given the option for their FDWs to undergo a training course accredited by the British Butler Institute International. This additional training will equip their FDWs with different skillsets. Moreover, we also provide our tailor-made “FDW Household Competency On-Site Training Programme” for FDWs at our customers’ houses upon their requests.

Nation Training Courses:

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