Nation Maid Jurong has services that include the bringing of new Foreign Domestic Workers, relocating of maids in Singapore, training of maids and placement services. Our primary objective is to deliver excellent and dependable domestic household services to meet every household need thus indicating our commitment toward attaining advanced professionalism, efficiency and standard of service.

We offer

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Dish Washing
  • Dusting
  • Foreign Domestic Worker
  • Maid Insurance Request
  • Maid Medical Examination Request
  • Maid Request
  • Mopping
  • Vacuuming
  • Wiping

We cover

  • Couples
  • Elderly
  • Family with Young Children
  • Retirees

Our Specialties

  • Apartments
  • Large Homes
  • Small Homes

Our Services

Nation Employment has the guarantee to deliver outstanding customer services. Our dedicated sales staff are always equipped to assist our employer in all aspects. Our 24 hours’ standby team is always accessible to provide our employer the needed assistance during non-working hours.

  • Deployment of New Foreign Domestic Worker (FDW)

    Our services include deployment of New FDW from Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar which are approved source countries by MOM for FDW deployment.

  • Deployment of Transfer FDW

    We have personal interview of FDW from Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar at any of our branches located throughout Singapore. Work Permit can be managed as fast as 3 working days.

  • Direct Hire of FDW

    Direct hire means direct application through Nation without FDW paying for additional loan. The processing in Singapore and country of origin will be taken care by our qualified staff.

  • Employer's Orientation Programme (EOP)

    This program offers an FDW three-hour programme. It delivers employers with information on employing FDW. If we have first time FDW Employers, then they are encouraged to attend the EOP before submitting the FDW's Work Permit (WP) application.

    Nation Employment is the appointed training center by Ministry of Manpower to conduct EOP. We conduct CHINESE & ENGLISH class alternately every Wednesday 6-9pm. Our registration starts at 5:30pm. For further details, we can be reached at this number 66658199.

  • FDW Household Competency On-Site Training Program

    Our services include sending our trainers to your home. These trainers will conduct on-site training for your FDWs. We will customize the training of each FDW to suit your preferences.

  • Settling-In-Programme (SIP)

    Effective from 1st May 2012, all first-time FDWs are required to join the SIP before starting work with their employers, and within the first three days of their arrival. Nation will confirm the registrations of FDW for the Settling-In-Programme (SIP) within time frame given.

  • Liaison with Embassies

    This service is about the preparation of the FDW’s passport renewal and Home Leave documentations. FDWs will be returning home to their country of origin for holidays, during their employment in Singapore.

  • Medical Check-up

    FDWs are required to go for medical check-ups. They are scheduled to have their check-up within 2 weeks of her arrival in Singapore. After that, they also have a check-up every 6 months. This service aims to screen for infectious diseases and pregnancies. The medical checkup will be performed by a registered Singapore doctor. The employer will bear any medical expenses incurred by the FDW in the course of the medical checkup.

  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

    Nation Maid Jurong will assist in purchasing the minimum insurance coverage of $10k. This is required by MOM for FDW Accidental and Permanent Disability. Employer can upgrade the comprehensive insurance coverage at a reasonable rate. It is the employer's accountability to undertake the costs of FDW’s medical treatment during her employment in Singapore.

  • Waiver of Security Bond

    This Reimbursement of indemnity policy will reimburse employer $5k security bond. The bond is to be forfeited by MOM if the FDW runs away with NO Excess. This policy will include extra coverage such as accidental death benefit for employer, building coverage against fire, worldwide purchase protection benefit and loss or damage to frozen food due to breakdown of refrigerator.

  • Application of Work Permits

    This is the application of Work Permits through Work Permits online or Manual application via Singpost.

  • Renewal of Work Permit

    A Work Permit renewal notice will be sent two months before the WP of FDW expires. The WP for FDW can be renewed within 30 days before it expires via WP online. The collection of the new WP card and purchase of $5000 security bond and General Insurance required by MOM via Nation.

  • Cancellation of Work Permit

    The cancellation of Work Permit is essential when the FDW is finished within the Work Permit validity period or the Work Permit expires through Work Permit online.

  • Booking of Return Passages

    Booking of air tickets to all parts of Indonesia, Philippines and Myanmar at all times for FDW at competitive prices.