About Us

Nation Employment Agency is the first maid agency in Singapore that was Case Trust-accredited and ISO 9001 certified by the PSB Certification Pte Ltd. Nation Employment was recognized in Singapore since 1994.

Nation Maid Jurong is a foreign domestic worker (FDW) employment agency offering proficient and skilled FDW placement services. We have more than 50,000 satisfied and pleased customers island-wide served by our experienced customer relations officers and trainers.

As one of the best maid agencies in Singapore, it is our goal to take care of all your hiring difficulties and problems. We will make sure to find the most suitable maid for you, whether your requirements are centered on caring for children, taking care of the aged, or cleaning your house.

Nation Maid Jurong operates the Headquarters and Training Centre, it has a 1.8k Sq. Ft in size. These maids go through intensive training courses in detailed aspects, so you can be guaranteed that you will have a good maid in your home.

Our Achievements

Nation Maid Jurong is a qualified employment agency offering specialized foreign domestic worker placement services. Through the years, we were able to receive different awards based on our performances. We make sure that we give our best in everything that we do, but we do not do it for recognition. However, being recognized by an immediate organization is an extraordinary moment. We are greatly honored to receive the following awards and achievements:

The first Singapore PSB ISO 9001 Certified Employment Agency since 1996. The standard helps us to implement effective quality management systems and provide quality services to our valuable customers.

We are CASE TRUST accredited for good business practices since 2005. This is our effort to take care of customer's benefits. We promise to deliver optimal services to our customers.

Nation Employment is in partnership with ECON Care skill Training Centre (ECTC) Pte Ltd. They are providing a specialized course "Care for the Elderly" which equips caregivers with the practical information during the caregiving process, from taking care of the elderly personal hygiene routines to developing solutions to medical emergency situations.

Nation Employment is in partnership with AIA to provide protection coverage for the domestic helper. With AIA Domestic Help Guard, you can now enjoy a peace of mind.

Featured in Singapore Book of Records as the largest FDW employment agency in 2011

Received Singapore Brand 2011 Award, in recognition of the finest reputation in the industry.